Chief Mumpolokoso calls for peace and unity

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A Traditional leader in Mporokoso District has called for peace and unity in the country during the forthcoming presidential election.

Chief Mumpolokoso of the Bemba speaking people said it is important that all Zambians are calm and uphold the peace and unity that Zambia has enjoyed over the last 50 years.

The Traditional Leader also urged political parties to resolve their differences in a manner that will not interfere with the peace of the country.

ZANIS reports that Chief Mumpolokoso also said the intra party fighting within the MMD and PF must be resolved by choosing a leader through democratic means.

 The traditional leader advised the two political parties to follow their party constitutions when choosing candidates for their political parties.

 There has been infighting in the ruling PF and MMD on the selection of the presidential candidate for the fourth coming presidential by–Election.