Let people access banks with easily – BOZ Governor

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Bank of Zambia governor Micheal Gondwe says there is need to ensure that people have proper and adequate access to financial services.


Dr Gondwe was speaking during the official opening of AB Bank Zambia Limited Chelston Branch in Lusaka.


The Bank of Zambia Chief said banks should avoid placing unreasonable conditions for accessing loans and opening bank accounts.


He said this is why the bank of Zambia issued guidelines on simplified customer due diligence in 2011 with a view of enabling the majority of the Zambian people to have easy access to financial services.


Dr Gondwe challenged AB Bank and other banks to ensure that small businesses manage their financial affairs in a prudent way in order to become more productive.


And AB Bank Zambia Chief Operations Officer Jessica Schicks said AB Bank is committed to ensuring that customers in all areas have access to financial services to promote their retail trade and small and medium enterprises.