27 Mbala road accident victims buried

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Government says the rising cases of road traffic accidents in the country have become a source of great concern.


Northern Province Minister Freedom Sikazwe said this on Wednesday when he represented government at the burial of the 27 Mbala accident victims at Kamutozo village.


Mr Sikazwe noted that government is spending huge financial resources to meet funeral expenses for victims of road accidents and called for urgent redress of the situation.


He pointed out that if road accidents are minimized the money government spends on funerals can be channelled and used prudently for development projects such as road infrastructure across the country.


Mr Sikazwe described the death of the 27 people as a tragic loss to the nation especially that many children lost their lives in the incident.


The Minister said it was regrettable that reckless driving by motorists has now become a common and routine feature on Zambian roads.


Mr Sikazwe has since urged law enforcement officers to deal firmly with traffic offenders in order to safeguard the lives of the travelling public


And Senior Chief Nsokolo thanked government for meeting the funeral expenses for all the 27 Mbala accidents victims who have since been put to rest.


He urged government to find a lasting solution to reduce road fatalities and bring sanity on the roads.


The traditional ruler said the country cannot continue to lose lives through avoidable road accidents caused by reckless driving.