Over 65 families left homeless following a rain storm in Nampundwe

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One person has died and 65 families have been left homeless following a rain storm that destroyed their houses in Nampundwe township in Shibuyunji district last Monday.


The deceased has been identified as Simasiku Sibupiwa who was struck by lightning.


The affected families have lost property including iron sheets which were blown by the winds.


One of the victims Eustekiya Kamweengo a 28 year old mother of six said the family cannot afford to rebuild their house in a short period of time considering that the rains are eminent.


She appealed to government to assist the victims in any way possible as they do not have any means to help themselves.


Most of the houses affected are temporal structures built only with pole and mud.


District Commissioner Phanuel Mweemba advised the people of Shibuyunji to try as much as possible to build houses that are strong.


He assured the victims that government will do its best to help them in any way possible through the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU).