North MMD rejects Rupiah Banda as presidential by-election

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The MMD officials in Northern Province have rejected the decision by National Executive Committee (NEC) to appoint former president Rupiah Banda as their presidential candidate for the fourth-coming presidential by-election.


MMD Provincial Information Secretary Cephas Bwalya told ZANIS today that the party in the area will not recognize Mr. Banda’s candidature because his comeback was done against the party constitution.


Mr. Bwalya said party members were instead united and will rally behind Dr. Nevers Mumba for presidency.


He said MMD members will not tolerate the assuming of political power through unconstitutional and undemocratic means by any person regardless of their status in society.


Mr. Bwalya appealed to all peace loving MMD members countrywide to condemn and reject the decision of NEC if unity is to prevail.


He said the party in Muchinga, Northern and Luapula Provinces was intact and will not recognize Mr. Banda’s candidature.


Mr. Bwalya further added that as far as the Northern Province MMD leadership was concerned, the decision of their NEC was null and avoid.


He said genuine party members will not allow the former Head of State to hijack the party leadership at any cost.


MMD National Executive Committee (NEC) yesterday suspended party president Nevers Mumba for alleged gross misconduct and appointed former President Rupiah Banda as its presidential candidate for the January 20 by-election.