Masebo’s statement not entire reflection of truth – central Committee

Tourism Minister Sylvia Masebo
Tourism Minister Sylvia Masebo

The PF has issued two conflicting statements to the media, on the deliberations and outcome of the Central Committee meeting that took place on Monday at State House.

After Party Chairperson for elections Sylvia Masebo announced that members had agreed to suspend debate over the mode of adopting a Presidential candidate until all Presidential aspiring candidates have filed in their nomination, others issued a counter statement in the evening of Monday that the Central Committee actually failed to resolve their outstanding issues.

Ms Masebo said once the presidential aspirants were known, party President, Guy Scott would then hold a meeting with the presidential hopefuls with a view of rallying behind one candidate who would go unopposed.

According to Ms Masebo, this meant the party would avoid going to the General Conference.

But five Central Committee members have dismissed Ms Masebo’s statement saying the meeting failed to resolve the matter and “at this stage Dr Scott ended the meeting in disarray and without reaching conclusion on the matter”

In a statement to ZNBC News last evening, signed by the five: Mr Rasford Chipolo Mwale, Mrs Oyat Kamayoyo, Mr Sylvester Mtonga, John Chisanga, and Benson K. Chali, they have argued that “its is not true as reported that the central committee suspended debate on the adoption of the presidential candidate.”

“We have been forced to release details of the central Committee meeting that took place at state house today (Monday), November 2014. We fear that information is being manipulated and some members servings sectional interests are sacrificing the truth for expediency and political trickery”, reads part of their statement.

“We therefore wish to state that the statement issued by Hon. Masebo is not an entire reflection of the true position of the proceedings of the central committee” the statement continues.

The members say although the central Committee had many concerns regarding the previous conduct of the Acting President, Dr Scott urged reconciliation and a fresh start.

The Central Committee then amended the proposed agenda of the meeting from “General Conference” to the “The Way Forward”.

The five say “after an extensive debate, it was almost unanimously resolved that the Central Committee will be the body to adopt the party presidential candidate…The majority of the members of the central committee spoke in favour of the motion, and only very few spoke against”, reads the statements.

With regard to going to the General Conference, most members of the central committee raised common concerns of time, resources, security and unity, and thus felt that it would be more prudent that the central committee adopts the successful candidate.

According to their statement, “the meeting also resolved that time should be given to other interested candidates to file their nominations and that the next central committee meeting will consider the applications”.