Five-star hotel apartment under construction near Manda Hill

Five-star hotel apartment
Five-star hotel apartment

M.M Integrated Steel Mills Limited is building a five-star hotel at a cost of US$50 million in Lusaka.
Between 150 and 200 jobs are expected to be created once the project is completed.
MMI chief executive officer Gopal Kedia said the project is scheduled to be finalised in 2016.
Mr Kedia was speaking in an interview in Masaiti last week.
“We have already started construction works which have reached foundation level. The project is near Manda Hill on Manchichi road in Lusaka,” he said.
Mr Kedia said the concept of the project is a five-star hotel apartment, the first kind in the country.
It will be an eight-storey building comprising various facilities such as gymnasium, bar, car park, apartments, among others.
Mr Kedia said the investment in hospitality industry has been necessitated by the good business environment currently prevailing in the country.
He said the apartment hotel model was also adopted to allow guests to stay for longer periods.
He, however, could not provide a name for the hotel as it is not yet approved by the authorities.


Zambia Daily Mail