“She prays the whole night and comes to bed around 03:00hours..”

Divorce Court

A LUSAKA man caused laughter in the Chilenje Local Court when he said his wife claims to feel insects crawling all over her body when he asks to have sex with her.
Chrispin Madakasi also said his wife gives excuses like her back is on fire when she lies on the bed.
But his wife, Mary Nkandu ,said she has a problem with sex because her vagina hurts as Madakasi made her undergo an operation which was unjustified.
The two were testifying before Justice Sharon Sichone in a case where Madakasi has sued Nkandu for divorce.
Madakasi, who said the two have been married for 27 years and have two children together ,said it is now eight months since Nkandu moved out of their bedroom.
“She prays the whole night and comes to bed around 03:00hours. Her behaviour infuriates me and to avoid gender-based violence, I would rather divorce her,” he said.
He said he is tired of being the only one who gets to bed early to warm the beddings.
Madakasi told the court Nkandu only returned to their bedroom after receiving divorce summons.
And in her statement, Nkandu accused Madakasi of being responsible for the pain in her vagina because he authorised an operation she did not need.
When asked how she underwent the operation if she did not need it, she said she had some pain in her stomach adding that Madakasi then booked her for an operation because he worked at a hospital.
Nkandu said Madakasi wants to divorce her because he is about to get his terminal benefits.
“When I retired, we enjoyed my benefits but now that his are coming, he wants to leave me. In 2006, he left me for another woman in Bauleni but when he fell ill, he came back to me and I nursed him,” she lamented.
The court ruled it would not grant the divorce to the couple but gave the couple 90 days to get back together and report back to court.


Zambia Daily Mail


  1. Not ready to be a wife. Take her back so that she can be taught on how to look after a husband.