Mkushi council ready to deal with disease outbreak

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Mkushi district council has maintained that success in the district epidemic  preventive efforts was dependent on tripartite cooperation involving the health authorities, residents and the council itself.

Mkushi Council deputy chairperson Lewis Mayuya told ZANIS that there was need for the three sectors to prioritise matters pertaining to public health.

Mr. Mayuya, who is also Nkumbi Ward Councillor (PF), said the district council had mapped out plans to intensify its public sanitation campaign in the highly populated settlements such as the Boma and Masansa.

He said in the quest to achieve far reaching results, the council had also devised programmes in which village headmen had been involved as local government envoys for public sanitation programmes in the remote parts of the district.

He explained that the council’s public sanitation drive would encompass regular activities such as the ‘Keep Mkushi Clean’, garbage collection, and the quest to ensure that all localities are open defecation free (ODF).

Mr. Mayuya pointed out that in this regard, the council was hoping to get positive response from health personnel such as Environmental Health Technicians (EHTs) and residents in all activities that aim at epidemic prevention through public sanitation.

He stressed the need for urgency in public sanitation epidemic prevention efforts especially that the rain season, which comes with disease outbreaks, was around the corner.

Meanwhile, data obtained from Mkushi district health office confirmed that areas such as Kasokota and Kangalati in Nkumbi Ward had recorded some cases of typhoid and dysentery in 2013.

District health office statistics also confirmed that malaria had been ranked highest amongst disease incident rates during the first three quarters of 2014, followed by diarrheal related cases.