— Late President Sata did not appoint his successor- Dr Kaseba

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Former First Lady Christine Kaseba says late President Michael Sata did not anoint anyone to take over as President of the Patriotic Front (PF) or the President of Zambia.



 She however said the Republican constitution indicates that the Vice President assumes the functions of President in the event of the death of an incumbent President.



ZANIS reports that Dr. Kaseba said this in a statement made available in Lusaka today by Nkwazi House.



Dr. Kaseba said the late President was fully conversant with the provision for succession, and in this regard was confident in his choice of Dr. Guy Scott as Vice President.



She said when President Sata travelled to London, he was seeking medical help but did not expect to die .



Dr. Kaseba said President Sata did not leave any specific provisions or instructions for this eventuality other that what is provided for in the Constitution and the PF Constitution.



She noted that President Sata was committed to discipline and the rule of law and it is critical that all due processes be followed.




  1. What do you call someone and give him so many extra responsibilities like is the last man standing. Five in one? And you say not annoited? He is the chosen one period! Read the bible Zambians!

  2. Useless news. Zambia does not need an anointed leader, they need a people driven leader. it is not a kingdom or an autocratic leadership. one will crush.