‘I found STI treatment drugs in hubby’s pocket’

Court divorce lusakavoice.com 2014
Court divorce lusakavoice.com 2014

A WOMAN got a shock of her life to discover drugs for the treatment of sexually transmitted infections (STI) in her husband’s trouser pocket.
Grace Miti, 29, of Chilenje told the Chilenje Local Court that when she discovered the drugs she did not know what they were for.
She said she had to take them to a clinical officer, who told her they were meant to treat severe infections like STIs.
Testifying before Justice Sharon Sichone, Miti said upon that discovery, she moved out of her bedroom because the husband was hiding important information from her.
This is in a case where Miti dragged Anselm Mwanza, 32, of Chilanga to court for divorce.
Miti, who said the two got married in 2010 and have a child together, also said problems in their marriage began in 2013 when Mwanza would come home at awkward hours after drinking sprees.
She said he would come around 02:00 hours or 05:00 hours with face powder and lipstick stains on his shirts.
“I even discovered some drugs prescribed for two people in our house which I didn’t know about. I took them to a clinical officer, who said they were meant to treat STIs. That made me move out of our bedroom because my husband was not open with me,” she said.
Miti said following that, she found a text message in Mwanza’s phone from his lover telling him she is pregnant.
With that, Miti said she decided to sue for divorce because her health is in danger.
And in his statement, Mwanza said he was going to tell Miti about the drugs but she discovered them before he could do so.
When asked if he has another woman, Mwanza hesitantly agreed but said he has been using condoms although they are not hundred percent safe.
Justice Sichone granted divorce and ordered Mwanza to compensate Miti with a fine of K5,000.


Zambia Daily Mail