Church calls politicians to maintain peace during campaigns

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—-The Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ) has called on political players in the country to ensure peace is maintained during campaigns ahead of the Presidential by-elections by engaging in politics of ideas as opposed to politics insults.


EFZ Executive Director, Pukuta Mwanza, has noted that the country’s peace risks being threatened if leaders, who will be vying for the Presidency, engage in politics of name-calling, character assignation and insults during campaigns.


Rev Mwanza said in an interview with ZANIS in Lusaka today that such a situation has the potential to breed anarchy in the country and thereby disturb the nation’s electoral system.


The EFZ Executive Director stated that it is important, therefore, that the country continues to uphold peace and unity during campaigns to make sure that people are not disfranchised and are given an opportunity to make informed decision.


He said conflicts and disorderliness deprive individuals of their constitutional rights to contribute to the growth of the country’s democracy through voting as they may be scared to go and cast their votes.


He said violence also denies people their right to attend campaign rallies and hear what the participating parties in an election have to offer for them to make informed choices.


Rev Mwanza has, therefore, implored political parties that will be participating in the by-election to focus on issue based campaigns and desist from character assassination which has the potential to wreck conflicts and havoc in the nation.


He stressed that it is imperative that the country strives by all means to maintain peace, law and order for it to enhance its reputation as a democratic state that has an effective electoral system.


He said it was essential that all threats to the peace that the country is currently enjoying should be given the prominence it deserves during the campaign period.


Rev Mwanza assured the country that the Church is praying and will continue to pray for peace and stability to continue to reign in the nation.


Zambians are expected to go for the polls in January, 2015, to elect a new President following the demise of late President, Michael Sata, who died in London at King Edward VII Hospital.


Various political parties, among them the Patriotic Front, opposition United Party for National Development (UPND), Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD), the National Restoration Party (NAREP) have since expressed their ambitions to participate in the Presidential by-election.