Business my husband is doing does not allow him to make love – wife

Court divorce 2014
Court divorce 2014

OVERSEER of Higher Dimension church of Lusaka Edwin Njamba has sued his wife of 35 years for divorce claiming his new business venture forbids him to make love.
Bishop Njamba also told the Chelstone local court that he has fallen out of love and does not want to continue living with a woman he does not love.
“For the past five years we have not lived in peace as a couple. I do not love my wife anymore. We have not had sex for the past two years. My children do not respect me anymore, they accuse me of all sorts of things” Bishop Njamba, 58, told the court.
Appearing before Chelstone senior presiding magistrate Hope Mwila, who was sitting with senior court magistrate Bertha Zulu, Bishop Njamba of Chelstone said he was fed up of the marriage and wanted to be free.
But his wife, Loveness Njamba, 50, told the court: “I am not ready to divorce my husband.  I love him so much.  This is just a spiritual attack on our marriage. The woman he has started doing business with is to blame but I do not want to divorce him.”
She said since Bishop Njamba gave up on running the church, he started a business with a woman of Kaunda Square and has been absconding from home.
“This man [Bishop Njamba]in the past five years would disappear even for nine months and when he returns would tell me the business he is doing does not allow him to make love,” Loveness said.
She said after investigating and searching his documents, she discovered that Bishop Njamba has opened a company with another woman and that when she asked him about it, he denied it and slapped her.
“I collapsed and that was when our children told him that if anything happened, he would be answerable. But despite all this, I still love my husband and I do not want the court to divorce us,” Loveness said.
Passing judgement, Magistrate Mwila said the court found it difficult to reconcile a couple which was in court in April this year with the same problem.
“This is not for the first time you are coming to court, we reconciled you in April and we cannot reconcile you again,” Magistrate Mwila said.
When she asked the children and Loveness’ sister about what they thought about the marriage, they said they wanted the two to reconcile.
Magistrate adjourned the matter to tomorrow (Monday) for judgement.


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