26 Malawians arrested for illegal stay

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The Immigration Department in Eastern province has arrested and detained 26 Malawi nationals for alleged illegal stay in Zambia.


Eastern Province immigration officer Moses Chimbala told ZANIS today that the 26 people, who are detained in Chipata district, were arrested at different locations last Friday.

Mr. Chimbala said all the 26 people were currently detained at Namuseche prison awaiting prosecution of their cases.


He also said all the detainees were alleged to have entered Zambia without documentation because they allegedly did not appear before immigration officers.

Mr. Chimbala disclosed that there was an influx of Malawi nationals who were illegally entering Zambia despite the department enhancing efforts to curb the vice.

He noted that the Malawians were getting into the country in search of informal employment where they worked in the construction industry or as farm labourers.

Mr. Chimbala observed that the Malawians were offering cheap labour in the informal sector.

He warned that employers, who employ people without proper documents, would also be brought to book as all foreign employees were supposed to be cleared by the immigration department.