Ndola wife to compensate hubby for cheating

Divorce Court

A Local Court in Ndola has ordered a 22-year-old woman to pay K10,000 in compensation after she confessed that her three-month-old twins were not for her husband.

Theresa Chola was asked to compensate her husband Arnold Kanguya with K10,000 after she admitted that she had been cheating on him.

Chola and Kanguya had been married for seven months although problems in marriage started in September this year when the complainant found love text messages in the wife’s phone from her boyfriend.

Kanguya was testifying in a case in which he sued Chola for divorce after persistent problems in the couple’s marriage.

Kanguya told the court that he chased his wife after he found the text messages in her phone.

“She came with advisors the next day and apologised. When I asked her whether she will stop her behaviour, she told me she can never change and that the twins she had were not his but for her first boyfriend,” he said.

Meanwhile, Chola admitted before the court cheating on her husband and that the twins she was currently nursing was for her first boyfriend who denied responsibility and not Kanguya.

She told the court that she lied to the complainant that the twins were his because she loved him and wanted to spend her life with him.

In making the final submission to the court, Kanguya asked the defendant to refund him K8, 000 the money he had spent on the twins who he thought were his.

But Chola told the court that the amount that the complainant wanted to be refunded was too much because the twins had not consumed much as they were still being breastfed.

Kabushi senior presiding magistrate Sarah Bwalya who was sitting with magistrate Mildred Namwizye dissolved the marriage and ordered Chola to pay Arnold Kanguya K10,000 as compensation.

The money should be paid in monthly instalments of K200.

Times of Zambia