Man ordered to support pregnancy

Court divorce 2014
Court divorce 2014

A thirty-year-one-old man of Ndola’s Mushili Township has been dragged to court for failing to take care of his 20-year-old pregnant girlfriend.

The Ndola Main local court heard that Humphrey Chola impregnated Ethel Chiede, but failed to provide any support.

This is a case in which Chiende sued Chola and asked the court to compel her to take care of her.

She told the court the defendant had been refusing to give her money for taking care of his unborn child.

“I do not work and need money to buy food and to pay antenatal bills. Chola is responsible for this pregnancy but has been refusing to support me,” she told the court.

In defence, Chola told the court that he had not been supporting the pregnant girlfriend because he doubted if it was his.

Chola however, accepted to start supporting the child on condition that the complainant keeps receipts for whatever she will be spending when he starts giving her money to support the pregnancy for future reference.

Presiding local court magistrate Oscar Kalaba who was sitting with magistrate Dismus Katampi and Rosemary Muke asked the complainant to find something that could be earning her a living than depending on men.

“The issue of women depending on men is long gone. In this time and era you cannot just be sitting at your parents’ house and eat, you should find something to do,” he said.

The court, however, ordered the defendant to be paying the complaint K250 every month for pregnancy support.

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