Lusaka wife demands divorce from abusive hubby

Divorce Court

A woman of Lusaka’s Chawama Township has asked the Lusaka Boma court to dissolve her marriage because her husband was abusive and violent.

Nyuma Phiri, 33, told the local court that her husband, Ramadan Phiri had been violent and aggressive from the time he married a third wife.

This was a case in which Nyuma sued Phiri, 38, for divorce after he chased her from the matrimonial home and brought in another woman.

Facts before the court were that the two got married in 2007 and have two children together but problems in their marriage started recently when Ramadan decided to get a third wife.

Nyuma, Phiri’s second wife, told the court that she was against the idea of her husband marrying another woman but that he should instead get back his first wife he chased away before marrying her (Nyuma).

The court heard that Phiri refused the idea of bringing back his first wife and insisted on marrying another woman.

Nyuma said she allowed him to marry another woman on condition that he built her a house and that he should not sleep with the woman until he married her.

“My husband agreed to the conditions but to my surprise, days later he started spending nights out and when he came home, he used to beat me up in front of my children,” she said.

In his defence Phiri told the court that he decided to marry another woman because his wife was mistreating his children.

He said that his wife also never respected him and used to insult him together with his mother for no proper reason.

Phiri said his wife never knew how to keep secrets, adding that whatever happened in their home he used to hear it from other people.

“This woman does not respect me and the woman who gave birth to me; she also mistreats the children I have with my first wife,” he said.

The matter was adjourned to 21st of November 2014 to give the two more time in which to reconcile if they could.

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