Wynter Kabimba’s whereabouts

Wynter M. Kabimba, ODS, SC · June 12 At a funeral house in Feni en route to Vubwi
Wynter M. Kabimba, ODS, SC · June 12 At a funeral house in Feni en route to Vubwi

(November 7th)

I have received numerous messages inquiring about my whereabouts. I have not left Lusaka from the day I received news of the passing of my dear comrade, friend, father and mentor, His Excellency President Michael Chilufya Sata (MHSRIP).

Those who wish to continue to use my name in vein should at least wait for the mourning period to be over. I know that those whose political careers thrive on lies, deceit and treachery have unleashed unparalleled propaganda against me.

They have continued to take advantage of the fact that I have not been keen to respond to their lies because naturally I cannot cope with the pace at which they are able to mislead people since my focus is always on much bigger issues. However, I also know that time alone will vindicate me.

Leadership should be contested at the level of intellectual engagement in issues of policy and not on the basis of who has the best mudslinging championship skills or who can insult bigger. I have always held the view that an insult is not an argument and therefore I cannot engage in counter-insults.

Desperation for power is dangerous as it has the potential to undermine the very purpose of leadership. In addition, one of the underlying principles of servant leadership is one’s willingness to be led by others. I am a believer in servant leadership.

At a very critical level, this country’s complex problems require more unity than divisions based on sheer personal ambition. Political competition should not be allowed to undermine our ability as a nation to unite in searching for that missing link in our political, social and economic development.

Let us keep our departed President in our thoughts and prayers and continue mourning in decorum and give him a befitting send-off. Our political rivalries can surely wait. I am not in Luapula, Kabwe or anywhere they imagine me to be. I have been mourning my president in Lusaka and yesterday I went to visit the First Lady Dr. Christine Kaseba Sata at State House to offer my condolences and mourn with her and the family.



  1. Mr Winter Kabamba you have proved to be a true leader and time will vindicate you, He who sits on the throne knows. I am a sober Zambian Leader with fair understanding.