Zambia Police fight running battles with PF cadres

Zambia Cabinet Office - Independence Avanue - by
Zambia Cabinet Office - Independence Avanue - by

The Zambia Police Service this afternoon fought running battles with some Patriotic Front (PF) cadres outside Cabinet offices.

The Cadres, believed to be supporters of Matero Member of Parliament Miles Sampa went to Cabinet office to demand that Acting President Guy Scott calls for a general conference to adopt the PF presidential candidate ahead of the forthcoming presidential by-election.


The cadres earlier told Journalists that the party should consider going for the general conference and adopt a candidate that all party members will rally behind.

The cadres who sang songs in support of the Matero lawmaker who has declared his interest in the PF presidency stated that Zambia needs fresh blood with fresh ideas and not old people.

The cadres also threatened to beat up all the Members of Parliament in Lusaka who were part of the endorsement meeting held earlier at Government Complex.

Joshua Kachema, who claimed to be PF Matero Constituency Youth Chairman, says the decision by some high ranking government officials to endorse PF Secretary General Edgar Lungu as the sole presidential is not welcome.


Kachema states that the Central Committee should give other individuals who wish to stand on the PF ticket a chance by going to the general conference.

It was at this point that Police in full riot gear appeared at the scene and fired tear gas canisters to disperse the cadres.

A good number of cadres were then arrested by the Police.




  1. I knew dat u guys are profesional “Sebana Wikutes”. Of all things, don’t u hear dat it’s Lungu against Scott’s “Convention 2 Democratically elect a Presidential candidate”? No wonder u’re losing yo audince.