Sondashi hails govt for releasing the draft constitution

Ludwing Sondashi. Photo Credit richie's world
Ludwing Sondashi. Photo Credit richie's world

Opposition Forum for Democratic Alternatives (FDA) leader Ludwig Sondashi  has joined in commending government for releasing the draft constitution to the Zambian people.


Yesterday, the Grand Coalition on the new Constitution Acting Chairperson Beatrice Grillo indicated that it is impressed that the wishes and aspirations of the Zambian people have been reflected in the released final draft Constitution.


Speaking at a press briefing in Lusaka November 13, veteran politician and former cabinet minister in the MMD administration, Dr. Sondoshi said government’s decision to release the draft constitution to the public for further scrutiny was timely and hoped the process for the final document would be expedited.


“I adopt the recently released draft constitution as a step forward towards the adoption of the constitutional reforms,” Dr. Sondashi said.


He said his party endorses “the running mate clause” because the Vice President would automatically have taken over.


He explained that Zambia would not have been talking about a presidential by- election in 90 days because the running mate clause is simple and straight forward.


Meanwhile, Dr. Sondashi has joined the presidential race and his party members have endorsed him to contest the poll.


Dr. Sondashi said disclosed that the endorsement was arrived at the party’s highest organ, the Central Committee.


He further said he is ready for the presidential election slated early next year.


This follows the death of President Micheal Sata on October 28 that caused a presidential vacuum.


He claimed that he would provide free education and health services to the Zambian people when he forms government.


The FDA leader caused laughter when he said in his administration, Zambians would be accessing anti-retroviral drugs free while foreigners would buy the commodity.


Dr. Sondashi urged government to approve his drug he founded because the epidemic has continued to rob the nation of the productive age-group in the country.