Nevers Mumba is not an automatic candidate – faction

Nevers Mumba
Nevers Mumba

A FACTION within the MMD calling itself National Taskforce for the Reconstruction of the MMD says it is not automatic that the party’s president Nevers Mumba will be its presidential candidate in the forthcoming by-election slated for January next year.
The National Taskforce for the Reconstruction of the MMD is headed by a member of the party, Chiwele Maimisa.
Mr Maimisa said in Lusaka on Wednesday that the MMD is a democratic party and choses its leaders through a democratic process.
“[Dr] Nevers Mumba should not deceive himself and think that he is automatically our presidential candidate.
“If we don’t have money our constitution empowers the national executive committee to pick one,” Mr Maimisa said.
Mr Maimisa said Dr Mumba should leave the MMD and organise himself.
But MMD national secretary Muhabi Lungu has dismissed Mr Maimisa’s remarks as baseless.
Mr Lungu said Mr Maimisa is not in the party structure and it is, therefore, wrong for him to issue statements.
“I have told you 100 times that MMD is an organised institution and I shall not entertain self-appointed chairmen like Maimisa or Bowman Lusambo,” Mr Lungu said.
He, however, said the national executive committee (NEC) will convene a meeting on Saturday to decide the way forward.


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