Kasama residents counsel PF on selecting Sata’s successor

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Some Kasama residents have advised senior party officials in the Patriotic Front (PF) to follow the party constitution when selecting late president Michael Sata’s successor.


In a snap survey conducted by ZANIS today, many residents spoken to said they were of the view that the PF constitution must be respected during the selection a new leader.


Nathan Ilunga said he was disappointed that a group of Members of Parliaments wanted to abrogate the party constitution by endorsing a presidential candidate using another way.


Yesterday, 63 PF MPs endorsed party secretary general Edgar Lungu as a candidate and asked the central committee to accept him as such.

The parliamentarians said waiting for the party to hold a general convention will be a waste of time and resources on the part of the PF.


But Mr. Ilunga argued that selecting a presidential candidate without following the PF constitution will be a recipe for corruption and a betrayal to the late president who was ‘allergic’ to the vice.


He added that PF should find sufficient time and adequate resources to hold the national conference, saying the MPs who have supported Mr. Lungu were a disappointment.


Mr. Ilunga said the works of the PF were visible, adding it was important for a national conference to pick a strong, courageous and decisive leader who will be able to take over the late president’s works.


Another resident Paul Kangwa appealed to the PF leadership to follow the law and ensure peace and unity prevail in the party and the nation.


Mr. Kangwa said it will be only through a national conference that a leader who will have the support of the grassroots in the PF will emerge.


He has since called on PF members countrywide to only endorse and campaign for a candidate who will be picked at the conference.


The PF is currently embroiled in a leadership struggle with some members preferring the central committee as the mode of selecting the late president Sata’s successor while others have called for a national conference.