PARLIAMENT pays tribute to Sata

President Sata
President Sata

PARLIAMENT yesterday eulogised the late republican President Michael Sata as a gallant man who persevered and dedicated his life for the benefit of the Zambian people.
The House also praised Dr Christine Kaseba for the demonstration of love and devotion to her husband in his illness and mourning him genuinely in his death.
Moving the motion for the House to put on record its regret at the untimely death of Mr Sata, acting leader of Government business Yamfwa Mukanga said the late head of State was a resilient politician who continued to fight for the Zambian people.

Mr Mukanga, who is Transport, Works, Supply and Communications Minister, said Mr Sata was also a strong supporter of the parliamentary reforms which could not have been successful without him.
Contributing to the motion, Mazabuka central UPND Member of Parliament (MP) Gary Nkombo condemned what he termed ‘shenanigans’ and the scramble for success by the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) at the height of sorrow when the body of Mr Sata was lying in state at Mulungushi Conference Centre.
It was sad that Mr Sata never saw the full realisation of his potential and Zambia was in genuine grief, for the PF to start jostling for power.
He called for the hastened enactment of the Draft Constitution to address challenges that had been affecting Zambia for too long.
Mwandi MMD MP Michael Kaingu condemned what he referred to as ‘tribal hegemony’ and the jostling of power that characterised the funeral of Mr Sata.
He commended Dr Kaseba for proving that a good wife could elongate her husband’s life and urged the women of Zambia to learn from her.
Dr Kaingu was, however, censured by Speaker Patrick Matibini when he said PF ended up making ‘fools of themselves’ in the organisation of the President’s funeral because the ruling party did not consult the MMD which had experience in handling the loss of a President.

Dr Matibini took Dr Kaingu to task over those remarks until he apologised.
Kalomo central UPND MP Request Muntanga said Mr Sata had rare qualities which the PF would find hard to emulate and urged the ruling party members not to do wrong things as they tried to emulate the fallen leader.
Mafinga MMD MP Catherine Namugala regretted the passing of Mr Sata and commended Dr Kaseba for doing the best for her late husband and genuinely mourning him.
Lubansenshi Independent MP Patrick Mucheleka described Mr Sata as a gallant son of Zambia who persevered for the benefit of the country.
Winding up debate, Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda thanked everyone for mourning with the Government and the First lady and first family.
He called for unity and integrity in the country even as the global economy was experiencing shocks.