UPND wants govt to release medical report of what killed Sata

Edwin Lifwekelo
Edwin Lifwekelo

The opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) has urged the government to give the nation a full medical report of the illness that killed President Michael Sata.

UPND Deputy Spokesperson Edwin Lifwekelo has told QFM News in a telephone interview that Zambians are disappointed that government has up to now failed to inform the nation what killed their leader.


Mr. Lifwekelo states that the PF government was refusing to acknowledge that President Sata was unwell until his death.

He says Zambians are still in the dark as to what the President was suffering from which led to his death.


Mr. Lifwekelo says it is for this reason that government should now tell the nation what killed President Sata now that he has been buried.




  1. If u ve nothing to say beta ignore this than making comments as if ……………..,leave UPND alone !if u r not voting 4 him keep it to yourself,we r not even interested in hearing who will vote for who!

  2. Then what? Let them just start campaigns after all they were wishing our president dead. They are happy now.

  3. imwe vi upnd think! what will it help you when you get the medical report…the man is gone already.i think i met just vote for pf now.the whole lot of you holding a brelfn for a none issue,wht a shame.

  4. Zambians have very short memories they’ve already forgotten the lies we were told regarding satas health yaba!