Late President Sata was fearless — Muimui

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Late President Sata was fearless — Muimui

Milenge November 11,2014, ZANIS —–   MILENGE District Agriculture Coordinator Aibu Muimui says late President Michael Sata was a fearless and result oriented leader with passion to improve the agriculture sector.

Mr. Mui said the president Sata had the passion to improve the agriculture sector as evidenced from the early distribution of the 2014/2015 farming inputs.


He said during his three years of Presidency, the late Mr. Sata encouraged a number of farmers to venture into conservative farming other than growing maize alone.


He said president also had the welfare of farmers at heart by paying them their moneys on time.


He was however saddened that president Sata had died at a time when the district is supposed to have a dip tank built.


ZANIS reports the District Agriculture Coordinator said this in an interview yesterday at his office while witnessing the live broadcast of the late President‘s funeral procession and burial at Heroes square in Lusaka.


Mr. Muimui stated that he was greatly inspired by president Sata’s work and will forever miss him.


He said the late Republican President’s legacy will forever be remembered by many Zambians even the world at large.


He has since appealed to the nation to remain peaceful and not make any statement’s that will breach the peace the country has experienced for a long time.