— Hundreds witness Late President Sata’s burial live in Luwingtu district

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 Hundreds witness Late President Sata’s burial live in Luwingtu district


Luwingu, 12th November 2014-ZANIS- Hundreds of Luwingu residents yesterday gathered at designated places the presidents park, Luwingu bus station and Luwingu secondary school to view live broadcast of putting to rest of President Michael Sata at Embassy Park.


Residents, who included school going pupils,   turned up in large numbers to witness the live broadcast at the inter-district bus terminus, Presidents Park and Luwingu secondary school respectively to witness the funeral proceedings of the late president Sata  live by ZNBC.


At Luwingu secondary school, teachers, pupils and several villagers nearby witnessed the burial of late President Sata using the LCD projector provided by ZANIS at the school.


School head master Andrew Chirpily thanked ZANIS and the office of the district commissioner for according them chase to view the burial of their late president Michael Sata.


The school’s recreation wall was filled to capacity as pupils, teachers and villagers were watching the funeral proceedings using LCD projector which transferred the video signal from the TV to beam it on the school wall while the audio was amplified to enable to listen to proceedings.


Some pupils told ZANIS in an interview that they were saddened with the demise of president Sata.



The  added that the late will be remembered as he was a visionary leader who wanted construct more secondary schools and universities to enable more pupils attain university education.



The pupils appealed to whoever will be elected president not to divert the programme initiated by the late president but to continue with his vision.



They said failing to continue with president Sata’s vision of improving the welfare of the people in the community will be voted out in 2016 presidential and general elections.



“ We need modern schools, universities, health posts and goods which the president promises us during all the years he campaigned for presidency,” they added.


A number of grieving mourners including Luwingu district commissioner, Mambwe Katontoka, school headmaster Andrew Chipili, wept uncontrollably, as the saw the late President’s casket being lowered into its last resting place.


The District Administration had earlier bought two big screens for the live broadcast of the burial.


Meanwhile Luwingu Pastors fellowship had conducted prayers for the late president for the past 11 days, in their prayers pastors called on politician to maintain peace and stability for the sake of women and children.


Pastor fellowship chairperson, Pastor Emmanuel Gondwe of Bethel Baptists, said that there was need for the politicians to unity the nation during and after the burial of president Sata.