Grand coalition wants referundum to enact new constitution

NGOCC chairperson Beatrice Grillo
NGOCC chairperson Beatrice Grillo

The Grand Coalition on the people Driven Constitution has reiterated its demand for a referendum in the constitution making process.

Speaking at a press briefing Grand Coalition Chairperson, Beatrice Grillo said there is therefore need for Zambia to hold a referendum as soon as possible.

Ms Grillo has further demanded that government should demonstrate commitment to conclude the constitution making process by immediately instituting the referendum commission.

She said if government has financial challenges, the Grand coalition is ready to mobilize resources for the referendum.

Ms Grillo further said government needs to quickly come up with the road with clear time frames for the finalization of the constitution.

And Ms Grillo has appealed to government to comprehensively consult key stakeholders in developing the road map.



  1. The new constitution is non negotiable and I have a suggestion that we can have referendum along with the presidential bye election. I think it will be cheaper that way, killing two birds with one stone.