Shangombo will greatly miss Sata-DC

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Shangombo District Commissioner Dominic Lisulo says the people in his district will greatly miss late President Michael Sata because the area experienced unprecedented development during his three years in office.

Speaking yesterday during an inter-denominational prayer service held for the late President who died in London on 28 October 2014, Mr. Lisulo noted that President Sata initiated programmes and projects that revived the district’s economic and infrastructure potential.

He explained that due to late President Sata’s passion to better lives of citizens living in rural areas, people in Shangombo district, who were once ranked the poorest in the country, now have access to quality health care, education and to information.

Mr. Lisulo said it was disheartening that President Sata died before he could he could accomplish his mission of making Zambia a better place for all.

The District Commissioner has since sent a massage of condolences on behalf of the people of Shangombo to the first family and the rest of the country.

And a clergyman has applauded residents of Shangombo and the country as a whole for exhibiting respect during the mourning period for the late President.

Pastor Tubo Nesaboi of United Apostolic Faith Church said the President was a leader who valued Christianity and peace hence his contribution to national unity should be emulated by all Zambians.