NAREP says Sata’s death should be a unifier

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NAREP says Sata’s death should be a unifier 


Kasama Nov10/14, National Restoration Party (NAREP) President, Cosmo Mumba, says the death of President Michael Sata should be a unifying factor among political parties.


Dr Mumba says political parties need reconciliation, forgiveness and peace as Zambia mourns the death of the late President Sata.


He said this in an interview with ZANIS in Kasama over the weekend.


Dr Mumba said he will remember late President Sata as a gallant soldier, saying the gap left by the late President was huge and will be difficult to replace.


The NAREP president has since appealed to the people of Kasama and Zambia at large to focus on developmental projects that the late president has left.


He also advised Zambians to be sincere and appreciate leaders for their works when they are still alive.


The opposition leader has further advised citizens to stop using the Church as an assembly of criticism and hypocrisy.


 Dr Mumba said to the contrary, the Church should be used as an assembly of believers.