Milenge Council Secretary mourns Sata

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——— Milenge District Council Secretary, Caroline Mpande, has described the death of late Republican President, Michael Chilufya Sata, as a great loss to the nation.

Speaking after signing in a book of condolences in honour of President Sata, Ms Mpande said President Sata was a gallant leader who had a vision for the country.

She added that Mr Sata was a leader who was keen to develop the nation saying his vision for developing the country has been cut short due to his untimely death.

Ms Mpande has since called on Zambians to honour the late President by mourning him in a dignified manner.

She said there is need to keep the vision the late President had for the nation by ensuring that the one who will succeed him as President will continue from where he left in developing the country.

She added that the next President should also broaden the revenue base so as to complete the developmental projects being undertaken country wide.

President Michael Sata died at King Edward VII Hospital in London on October 28, 2014.