Sata’s decentralization policy praised

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—A Senior Education officer of Lunga district in Luapula province says the vast knowledge about the country that President Sata possessed has benefitted the rural areas through the implementation of the Decentralization policy.

Lunga District Education Board Secretary Nelson Kasompe says he envied the Late Republican President’s love and knowledge for the country.

Mr Kasope said the love and knowledge that the late president had for the country made him declare places like Lunga as a district which have since benefited greatly from the pronouncement.

Speaking to ZANIS in an interview in Lunga today, Mr. Kasompe said the late President Sata was the only Leader who took power to the people like those of Lunga in the Bangweulu wetlands through the Decentralization policy.

Mr. Kasompe said as a result of the new district status teachers from Lunga have become more effective in class as they have their own DEBS office to oversee their affairs.

He explained that in the past three years that President Sata had been in power staffing levels in the district had improved because teachers now apply directly to work in Lunga.

He said teachers had also been appointed and promoted in various schools a move he noted was cardinal to motivating them.

He added that as result of the district status brought by the late president, schools in Lunga district now receive attention in infrastructural development from not only government but also other partners like UNICEF.

Mr. Kasompe said the late President Sata should be mourned for his love for the people
of Zambia regardless of their standing in society.