Edgar Lungu

THE Patriotic Front (PF) will ensure peace and stability during the 90-day transition period and beyond.
The PF will continue to safeguard the friendly environment for business and ensure the peaceful transition of power within the party, leading up to the presidential election.
PF secretary general Edgar Lungu said in a statement in Lusaka yesterday that the PF was determined to ensure a free, fair and transparent process in the selection of the party presidential candidate, which would allow anyone wishing to be a contender the chance to do so.
Party delegates would have the opportunity to openly elect their own leader.
The party was determined to continue with the enabling environment that had created opportunities, encouraged higher rates of investment and growth for the economy, and protected consumer interests.
Mr Lungu said the PF was also determined to continue promoting well-targeted Government investment in infrastructure development in the country.
The Government was also committed to the process of a free, fair and transparent election for the PF presidential candidate and a similar situation during the by-election for the Republican President.
Zambia had proved to be a stable country during transitional periods over its 50 years of independence.
The ascension of Dr Guy Scott as Acting President was a further example of Zambia’s tradition of constitutional process.
“We acknowledge the party may contain some differences of opinion on some subjects. We are, however, confident and capable of rising above them. To that effect the PF would like to assure the nation, business groups and the international community at large that we are determined to ensure there is stability, peace and tranquility,” Mr Lungu said.
Zambia’s governance systems were strong and the country had continuously demonstrated smooth transitions to new parties and presidents throughout its history.
The PF was determined to continue with smooth power transitions and would seize the current opportunity to set an example of peace and stability for all of Africa.
“Please continue to show respect during our nation’s time of mourning. We are a peaceful, friendly country and this time, we should come together to demonstrate what we can accomplish. Let us show the world that we are ‘One Zambia, One nation’,” Mr Lungu said.

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