Countess of Wessex to attend Sata’s burial

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The Countess of Wessex is scheduled to come to Zambia next week to represent Queen Elizabeth II at President Michael Sata’s state funeral.


Sophie Rhys-Jones, who is the wife of the Queen’s youngest son, will be in the country from 10th to 11th November 2014.


According to a statement made available to ZANIS today by the British High Commission in Lusaka, the Countess of Wessex acts in support of the Queen and of her husband in his roles.


And the British government has expressed sadness at the death of President Sata.


British High Commissioner James Thornton said he was however pleased that a leading member of the royal family will represent the Queen at the state funeral.


Mr. Thornton said the British government will be represented by a senior minister, Lord Popat of Harrow, who will also pay his last respects to the late President Sata.


Mr. Popat is also government’s spokesperson in the House of Lords for the department of business, skills and innovation and the transport department.


He represented the Queen at the sendoff for the late President Sata at the Royal suite at Heathrow Airport on October 31.


President Sata died on Tuesday last week in London where he was receiving medical treatment and will be put to rest on November 11, 2014 at the Embassy Park in Lusaka.