Bishop urges politicians to stop succession wrangles

Man Of God - Pastor, priest
Man Of God - Pastor, priest

 A clergy man has called on politicians to desist from engaging in succession wrangles even before the remains of President Sata are put to rest.
Delivering a homily at St Annes Cathedral in Chipata Anglican Bishop William Muchombo said President Sata’s spirit will only rest if politicians desist from such wrangles until his remains are buried.
Bishop Muchombo advised the politicians to be patient and resolve the succession dispute after Mr Sata had been put to rest.

He said they should be patient and exhibit unity of purpose to ensure President Michael Sata is mourned in a dignified manner.
Bishop Muchombo said it was time to seek God’s comfort for the first family so that he provides them solace during the trying moment which calls for prayers from all citizens for God to prevail over the programme.
He stated that there is need for Zambians to desist from engaging in corrupt practices at all levels of society and continue to be just as inspired by the late President.
“We should ask ourselves what we will be remembered for when we depart from the World, President Sata exhibited passion for the country, he sacrificed for the country hence we remember him today for those efforts, he ran his race hence for us to seek God’s intervention for togetherness and peace to flourish for the betterment of our country,” he said.
Bishop Muchombo stated that President Sata’s works are remembered by the people depending on one’s standing in society because everyone appreciates him according to the way he used to relate with people regardless of status in society.

Bishop Muchombo said there is need to emulate President Sata for his resilience and focus to achieve the goals that he set in life.
He said the country has felt like orphans since his demise on 28th October, 2014 but should not forget to pray to God to seek his comfort.
The Anglican Bishop stated that death does not select but strike families even neighbours but

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