ZAFOD says Sata had passion for vulnerable people

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—–The Zambia Federation of Disability Organisation (ZAFOD) has observed that President Michael Sata had great passion for the vulnerable groups in society.


Organisation Federal Director, Serah Brotherton, told ZANIS in a statement in Lusaka today that from the time they knew him as Mayor of the City of Lusaka, Mr Sata dedicated himself to changing the face of Zambia for the improvement of the livelihood of the citizens.


Ms Brotherton said immediately Mr Sata came into power in 2011 he personally instructed the enactment of the Persons with Disabilities Act No.6, 2012 which domesticated the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.


She said during Mr Sata’s rule her organization went ahead to develop a National Policy on Disability and its Plan of Action which is in waiting for launching.


Ms Brotherton said Mr Sata also increased its budgetary allocation to ZAFOD after a long time, which has since made its operations easier.


She has since wished the First Family heartfelt condolences for the passing on of the late President Michael Sata.