Serenje residents remember Sata as a hard worker

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Serenje District Commissioner Charles Mwelwa says the people of Serenje will remember late President Michael Sata as a hard worker who always meant what he said.


Mr Mwelwa told ZANIS in an interview that it was through the late President Sata’s hard work that Serenje District and the rest of the country received unprecedented infrastructure development in the three years he was in power.


Mr Mwelwa described the demise of President Sata as a big loss to the people of Zambia.


“Late President Michael Sata will be remembered as a hard worker who always meant his words. I remember during the 2011 campaigns, he said he would turn Chitambo into a district and he did exactly that when he came into power,” Mr Mwelwa said.


The DC has since urged Zambians to avoid squabbles and mourn the late President with dignity.


The District commissioner also revealed that the district will hold an inter denominational  prayer meeting in honour of late President Michael Sata on 10th November at the National Square from 15: 00 to 1900 hours.



He also said a book of Condolences has been opened at his office for Members of the community to express their condolences over the late president’s death.


Mr Mwelwa further disclosed that the district is making arrangements to put up two big screens in the recreation Centre for members of the community to follow burial proceedings of the late president who will be buried on November 11,2014.