— Bishop Chisanga of Mansa mourns President Sata

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Bishop Chisanga of Mansa mourns  President Sata


Mansa,  November 4, 2014, ZANIS —– Mansa Catholic Diocese Bishop Patrick Chisanga says the death of President Sata has brought so much sorrow to Zambia.


Bishop Chisenga says the President’s untimely death has robbed the country of a great leader who wanted to transform the country in different sectors.


ZANIS reports that the Catholic Diocese of Mansa Bishop said this in an interview at his Parish in Mansa District, today.


He said  the Late President Michael Sata touched many lives at  different levels while he was still alive.


He said President Sata’s death should bring the people of Zambia together as he was a man who believed in unity among all the people in the country.


Bishop Chisanga says the people of Zambia have showed the true meaning of unity as exhibited during the country’s Golden jubilee celebration.


He added that the same unity the people exhibited during the golden jubilee celebration should be shown during this trying moment.


The Bishop has since appealed to the Patriotic Front leadership to be sober minded in their approach to the transition of leadership and put aside selfish interest if they are to continue with the legacy that the late president Michael Sata left.


He however says even though all political parties have the freedom to aspire for leadership, the primary thing now should be to mourn the late President with the dignity that he deserves.


Bishop Chisanga said Late President Sata was a peace loving president who should be mourned in peace.


The Bishop has since urged youths in the country not to be manipulated by any group of people which would want to use them for violence.