‘I need the hair I sacrificed back’

Criminal court
Criminal court

THE Boma Local Court was stunned when a 50 year-old-man of Chainda township demanded to be given back his hair that he offered as a sacrifice 10 years ago to prevent concurrent deaths in his family.
The hair was from his head, private parts and armpits.
Lackson Bwalya also demanded to have his nails from his hands and toes which were also part of the sacrifice.
Bwalya sued his sister, Mable Chabala, 62, for restitution of body parts.
Principal presiding magistrate Mable Mwaba and senior court magistrates Muyanda Banda and Dennis Mpundu heard the matter.
“I want my body parts back.  I do not even know where my sister took them,” he said.
But Chabala who was astonished at her brother’s accusations questioned him on whether he gave the claimed parts to her to which he agreed.
She denied ever having anything to do with the rituals but claimed that their older sister, who in her 70s, was responsible.
“Our sister is the one who sought a witch doctor from Mansa who directed that all family members shave their pubic hair as a sacrifice to prevent sadden deaths in the family,” Chabala stated.
She said Bwalya accused her of being a witch after she demanded that he pay back the money she contributed towards his wife’s funeral.
Chabala’s three witnesses Vincent Mwewa, 87, Joseph Kabaso, 58 and Shaderick Mwila, 52, revealed that they threw the things Bwalya was demanding in the Kafue River in the company of the witch doctor.
“Bwalya did not give his hair and nails to our sister Chabala but to the witch doctor.  He was not even forced to do so,” they said.
The court adjourned the matter to November 4, 2014 for judgment.


Zambia Daily Mail