2)–DC calls for commitment in public service

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DC calls for commitment in public service

Luangwa,  Nov  3, 2014, ZANIS . . . . . . Luangwa District Commissioner Eunie Mumba has called on public service workers to be committed to duty even as they mourn President Michael Sata.

In a similar appeal, the Church has called Zambians to emulate the late President Sata’s life of serving and improving the country.

Mr. Mumba made the call when he addressed Heads of Government departments where he urged the workers in government to remain dedicated to duty even this time when the country was mourning President Sata.

He cautioned public service workers not to be used by politicians or to involve themselves in partisan politics as this will have a negative impact in their execution of duties.

The District Commissioner said public service workers should continue working hard and implement the good policies of the PF government even when the country was in mourning.

Meanwhile, the Church in Luangwa District has called on the people on the area to embrace the developments that the late President Sata had initiated in the area and also to emulate him in seeing that the country continues to develop.

Religious Ministers from different churches who have come up with a programme of praying for peace and stability in the country from the time President Sata’s death was announced urged the people to embrace the projects that are being undertaken in the district as these are aimed at enhancing development in the area.

The Religious Ministers appealed to all the people to continue praying to the almighty God to give the Country another Leader who will be like President Sata who had a heart for the people especially the poor.

Anglican Priest, Zacharias Zulu and Seventh Day Adventist Pastor Kebby Shibeleki  both separately described the late President Sata as a man who was dedicated to improving the wellbeing of the people using his position as President of the country.