Church urges Zambians to remain strong

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The Church in the Eastern province has called on  Zambians to

stay strong as they mourn the death of President Michael Sata .


ZANIS reports that the church has warned that failure to do so would allow the enemy to
take advantage of the situation to cause anarchy.


President Sata died in London on October 28 and his body arrived back home yesterday while burial takes

Place on November 11, 2014 at the Presidential burial site at the Embassy Park in Lusaka.

In his homily during interdenominational prayers in honour of the late
President Michael Sata at David Kaunda stadium in Chipata yesterday,
Reformed Church in Zambia (RCZ), Reverend  Clement Mwanza noted that most
people in the country were in a state of shock which he said would
allow those with ill-motives to take advantage of the situation and
manipulate others to bring confusion.

 Reverend Mwanza stressed the need for all Zambians to remain united and mourn
President Sata in a dignified manner saying this was not a time to be spiritually weak

but instead to overcome the state of shock over the President’s death.

He stressed the need for all to accept what happened and seek God for
encouragement though the country had been hit hard by the demise of
the Head of State.
Reverend Mwanza said there was need to encourage one another and face
what happened and mourn in a manner that would be pleasing to God.

“Let us look up to God and pray for wisdom and strength. We need to
seek his guidance as this is a trying moment when people become
unfaithful and do wrong things,” he said.

He observed that only God could provide solace for the nation and
urged all Zambians to have faith in Him and also stressed the need for
love towards one another.

The clergyman said that God encouraged all Zambians in the 10 provinces
to come out from the state of shock and disorganization as the Bible
inspired the nation to be strong during a trying moment such as this one.

Rev Mwanza said God was always on the throne despite the changes
in national leaders saying he alone could unite all people and bring
tranquility and peace among them.

He stated that President Sata was a devoted Christian hence the need
for the people in the country to rely on God during this challenging

“This is not the time to quarrel with one another or to fight but to
unite and love one another to mourn our President in dignity because
if we do that in a disrespectful manner then we are going against his
wishes,” he stressed.

Rev. Mwanza said the word of God was encouraging the nation to preach
love and rely on him as he has powers to provide the nation with
someone to lead it to higher heights and fulfil the wish of
the late President who had people’s aspirations at heart.

He further said God was loving and that he would not allow the country
to perpetually pass through difficulties but instead provide another way
to overcome the challenges.

Meanwhile, Council of Churches in Zambia Eastern province chairperson
Reverend Sonye Banda called for the need to stay focused even during this time

when the country had lost a visionary leader who had the
interests of the poor at heart.

“Even during campaigns President Sata said advised the electorate to
cry for themselves and their children like Jesus before he died on the
cross,” said Rev Banda.

He noted that from the time the country got independence in
1964 it has been peaceful hence the need for concerted efforts to
continue seeking God’s intervention as he was able to see the country
through such difficulty times.
He has since begged for God’s strength and comfort for the first
family and the entire nation during this trying moment and also for
God’s mercy so that the country remained peaceful.

And Bishop Wedson Banda of Pentecostal Holiness and Pastor
Andrew Mbewe  of Blessed Holy Tabernacle church echoed calls for the
country to remain united and seek God’s guidance during this trying