Scores of people brave the heat to watch Sata’s casket

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—-Hundreds of mourners who lined up along Great East Road wept uncontrollably when the body of the late President Michael Sata was being ferried from Kenneth Kaunda International Airport to Mulungushi International Conference Centre.


The mourners, who included students from the University of Zambia (UNZA) Great East Road Campus, suspended their daily endeavours to have a glimpse of President Sata’s casket.


They had strategically positioned themselves along the Great East Road and on the walk-over-bridge as early as 08:00 hours to have a better view of the casket.


A combined team of vigilant Zambia Police, Zambia National Service (ZNS) and Zambia Army was positioned along the road to provide security.


And a sombre mood gripped the environment when the sweeping military VIP convoy slowly passed-by indicating that Mr Sata’s casket was approaching.


The sweeping convoy was followed by the Presidential motorcade and an arsenal carriage carrying the late President’s body with pall bearers keeping a watchful eye on it.


Upon seeing the casket which was draped in the Zambian Flag, some people along the road broke into an uncontrollable wailing.


The body of Mr Sata, who died in London on October, 28 will lie-in state at Mulungushi International Conference Centre until November 11, 2014, when it will be buried at Embassy Park.