Teachers commended for reducing exam malpractice

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Government has commended teachers and other Ministry of Education staff for the manner in which they have so far handled examinations.

Education, Science, Vocational and Early Education Deputy Minister Patrick Ngoma said examination malpractice that were recorded during the examinations period were reported to the relevant authorities and perpetrators dealt with accordingly.

Mr. Ngoma has since challenged pupils and teachers to completely stop the vice as it dents the reputation of the country.

He said his ministry was putting in place stringent measures to ensure that there was zero-tolerance to examination malpractices in Zambia.

The deputy minister was speaking in Lusaka during the handover of 10 computers and a refurbished computer laboratory to Ng’ombe Primary School today.

Net-One, a local non-governmental organisation in Ng’ombe compound deals in information and communications technology (ICT).

Mr. Ngoma warned all those with intentions to engage in examination malpractices to refrain as government would deal with anybody found wanting.

He said the only way to earn good results was through studying hard.

“Let me warn those with ill intentions to engage in this vice to refrain as my ministry will deal with any perpetrator with heavy handedness because the only way to earn good results is through studying hard,” Mr. Ngoma said.

He commended some teachers who supervised the pupils in examination classes including the pupils for exhibiting good manners.

And Ng’ombe Primary School head teacher Winnet Mwambela assured the deputy minister of 100 percent examination malpractice free at her institution.

Mrs. Mwambela said her school has been recording better results in the past years.