Police arrest seven Tanzanian drivers in Mpika

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——-Seven Tanzanian truck drivers have been arrested following a protest by truck drivers after the Great North Road was blocked by four abandoned trucks last night in Mpika district of Muchinga Province.

Muchinga Deputy Police Commissioner, Bonny Kapeso, who confirmed the arrest of the seven Tanzanian nationals, said the protest occurred around 19:00 hours at danger hill area.

Mr Kapeso explained that four Tanzanian truck drivers abandoned their trucks on the said road and disappeared in thin air.

He said this happened during the Road Transport and Safe Agency (RATSA) high way patrols. 

Mr Kapeso told ZANIS today that seven truck drivers were arrested during the protest and will appear in court soon for obstruction of the road.

He said the seven arrested persons are currently in police custody in Mpika district and the situation is under control, adding that traffic is flowing on well.