Chipimo says no need for excitement yet, demands clear roadmap on Constitution

Elias Chipimo, NAREP
Elias Chipimo, NAREP

Chipimo argues that release of Draft Constitution is not commitment

The National Restoration Party NAREP says the release of the Draft constitution is not a committment to implementing a new constitution.

Party President, Elias Chipimo says government should should provide a clear roadmap and legal framework indicating whether the Government will give Zambians a people driven constitution before 2016.


Mr Chipimo says releasing the draft constitution is just the first step and not an end in itself, and there is no need for some people to get excited yet.

Mr. Chipimo has demanded an assessment of the cost of implementing the new constitution, how government operations will be funded and should be clearly be laid out.

He also wants to know who will approve the final draft constitution before it is enacted.

Mr Chipimo says such issues must be addressed in a clear roadmap and that it should be concluded within the shortest possible time.