Kasama mad man tampers with Zesco property

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Kasama mad man tampers with Zesco property

Kasama, 28/10/14-ZANIS—There was confusion at Kasama town centre yesterday when a mentally disturbed person disturbed ZESCO electric cables which later started burning due to a short circuit, sending people to scamper in all directions.

The incident happened around mid-day at Shoprite Checkers S hop when the man climbed the wire fence shielding the ZESCO transformer and got on top of it tampering with its wiring system in the process.

 He was thrown off the fence by a violent shock.

A spot check by ZANIS found scores of people, especially motorists and traders, panicking and attempting to seek refuge in the nearby trees and structures as the ZESCO cables continued to produce sparks.

Business in town came to a stand-still as ZESCO authorities switched off the power to facilitate the removal of the man who was lying helplessly deep in shock.

He was later rushed to Kasama General Hospital where he was attended to by medical personnel.

Sources at the hospital this morning confirmed that the unidentified man’s life was out of danger.