Govt determined to protect projects

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Govt determined to protect projects

Chikankata, 28 Oct 2014, ZANIS…..Acting District Commissioner for Chikankata District Sekani Tembo says the government will not sit idle and watch development go to waste.

He was speaking at the handover ceremony of a hand pump to the community of Kaabo in chief Naluama’s Chiefdom in Chikankata district.

He said the people of Kaabo are lucky to have received a hand pump as a jubilee present because there are other communities in Chikankata that have no access to clean drinking water.

Mr Sekani thanked the Catholic Church for the great work they have been doing especially in Southern province and throughout the country.

“As the government, we cherish the long term friendship shared with the Church and we are grateful for the many developments brought to the district,” he said.

He said the Church had done a lot to uplift the livelihood of people in rural areas starting from Agricultural support to providing water facilities.

He urged the community of Kaabo to take ownership and guard the water facility jealously to prevent it going to waste.

Meanwhile, the promoter for Development Solomon Phiri said the water project is an initiative of the Kaabo community who requested for the support to the Monze Diocesan development department through Nakambala Parish during 2014.

Mr. Phiri explained that the project is intended to improve the lifestyle of people in the community through the provision of safe water.

He added that the total cost of the project is over K35, 000.

Mr Phiri noted that the water facility is intended directly to benefit the community of Kaabo and also other surrounding villages.

And speaking on behalf of the Kaabo community Robson Handolo expressed appreciation for the service provided to the community.

He explained that women used to travel long distances to fetch water for domestic use but now water is within their reach.

He said the water facility has even enabled them to grow vegetables to sustain their families hence improving their livelihood.