Zambians thanked for celebrating golden jubilee peacefully

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Government has thanked the Zambian people for the peace, love and unity with which they celebrated the golden jubilee which fell on Friday, October, 24,  2014.


Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services Joseph Katema said the manner in which the celebrations were held amplifies the fact that Zambians were able to rise above political, ethnic, racial and religious diversity in building a united and peaceful country.


In a statement made available to ZANIS in Lusaka today, Dr. Katema said the celebrations were also testimony of the importance Zambians attach to the freedom struggle which was attained at a great cost and sacrifice.


He said government was particularly happy that Zambians in the diaspora also came together in commemorating the historic event.


Dr. Katema, who is also Chief Government Spokesperson, added that the commemoration of the golden jubilee by those in the diaspora was symbolic of the peace and unity for which Zambia is renowned world over.


Dr. Katema has however urged Zambians to remain united in building a better and prosperous nation beyond 50 years of its political independence under President Michael Sata.