LCC working towards ending street vending

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The Lusaka City Council (LCC) is strategically working to finally curb street vending in the city.


LCC Public Relations manager Mulunda Habeenzu said the local authority was already concentrated on the relocation of traders from Cairo, Los Angeles and Lumumba roads to Simon Mwewa lane, off Lumumba road under phase one of the project.


Mr. Habeenzu told ZANIS that after relocating vendors to Simon Mwewa lane, the council will resume the construction of a mega market in the infamous Chibolya compound where a piece of land has been secured.


He said works were already underway at Simon Mwewa lane to ensure that traders display their merchandise in a conducive environment.


Mr. Mulunda described the space between Lumumba and Los Angeles roads traffic lights and Ben Bella and Lumumba roads traffic lights as the conducive place for trading.


The piece of land is estimated to accommodate about 5,000 traders.


However, the business community, which uses the land between Simon Mwewa lane and Lumumba road as a parking area, has opposed the move by LCC to relocate street vendors to the same place.


Simon Mwewa lane has a length of 0.54 kilometres.