Freedom fighters appeal for poverty emancipation

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—Freedom fighters in Shawang’andu district of Muchinga province have called on Government to look into the plight of freedom fighters that are still alive and wallowing in poverty.

Chileshe Chali, a Shiwang’andu-based freedom fighter, said most of the freedom fighters have remained poor because their livelihood base was destroyed by colonialists during the independence struggle.

Mr Chali durther urged government to also consider the plight of surviving families of the fallen heroes who died in the course of fighting for independence so that the blood they shed will not spill in vain.

He was speaking on behalf of other freedom fighters at the commemoration of the Golden Jubilee independence anniversary on Friday.

The event was celebrated under the theme “Commemorating God`s favour of Zambia 50 years of Independence for continued Peace, Unity, Patriotism and prosperity.”

Mr Chali, however, appreciated government for fulfilling desires that the freedom fighters had of public services such as abundant schools and health institutions country wide once the country got independence.

The Golden Jubilee event was officiated by Shiwang`andu Member of Parliament (MP) Stephen Kampyongo.

Mr Kampyongo said it is gratifying to see that the Zambian economy has continued to register positive growth rate over the past 50 years.

He added that despite the positive economic growth, the country is still experiencing high levels of poverty and unemployment.

Mr Kampyongo said in order to curb poverty there is need to ensure equitable distribution of wealth among the citizens and for this reason government is promoting broad-based reforms through increased citizen participation in the economy.

The Deputy Minister also took time to visit grave sites for the gallant freedom fighters that died in 1961 during the independence struggle.