BOZ sensitises Chinsali residents on commemorative K50

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-The Bank of Zambia (BOZ) has embarked on a sensitisation campaign countrywide following the launch of the commemorative K50 banknote by Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda in Lusaka.

BOZ Manager for security operations, Kedrick Zombe, told ZANIS in an interview that the commemorative K50 note is a special way of recognizing the five presidents that have ruled the nation since 1964.

Mr Zombe said the decision by BOZ to issue the K50 banknote is not a strange thing but that central banks world over issue commemorative banknotes and coins to mark important events of both national and international importance.

He said this has been done as a way of celebrating the important occasion of 50 years of independence that mother Zambia has attained.

Mr Zombe added that the commemorative K50 note and the ordinary K50 note will both be in circulation and run alongside each other, adding that both notes should be treated as legal tender.

He has since urged residents of Muchinga province in general and Chinsali district particular not be rejecting new banknote as it is a crime to reject or refuse legal tender.

The BOZ official team which is in the district is expected to educate the public on the special features that are on the commemorative K50 note such as portraits and  names of all the presidents Zambia has had since independence in place of the leopard  on the reverse side of the bank note.

Other features are the incorporation of the words ‘50TH Independence Anniversary’ which is also on the reversed side of the note.